Brausse Signa 1050Fi Hybrid Hotfoil stamping with die cutting and stripping possibillity

  • Highlights of the Brausse Signa 1050Fi machine

    • Very complete configuration
    • High quality and precision casting iron platen and side-wall frames
    • Precision worm gear crank driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement
    • Faster foil stamping starting speed without machine interim stop for waiting impression on, subject to the set impression tonnage and machine speed
    • Extremely smoothly running due to the unique index box drive of the main chain
    • All electrical components are off the shelf brand names such as Omron and Schneider
    • All PLC controls are from Mitsubishi
    • HMI screen with the local language
  • This machine is a hybrid machine, so can be operated as a hot foil stamping machine or as normal die cutting and stripping machine

Technical data

General specifications  
Pile height feeder, maximum 1650 mm
Pile height feeder with nonstop operation, maximum 1250 mm (incl. pallet)
Pile height delivery, maximum 1500 mm (inc. pallet)
Pile height over nobstop curtain, maximum 80 mm
Specifications material  
Sheet size, max. 1050 x 750 mm
Sheet size, max (OPTION) 1060 x 760 mm
Sheet size, min. 400 x 360 mm
Processable materials  
1. Paper (depending on quality), min
80-90 g/m2
2. Carton (depending on quality), up to (*)
2000 g/m2
3. Corrugated board (fine), up to (*)
4 mm
4. Plastic materials, like PP, PE
0,6 mm
(*) Admissible undulation: 4% of the sheet width  
Minimal gripper edge 9,5 mm
Specifications for die cutting  
Max die cutting size 1040 x 720 mm
Inner size of chase 1080 x 745 mm
Dimensions die cutting plate 1080 x 736 mm
Max die cutting pressure 300t
Max mechanical speed cycles/h 7500
Register tolerance in running and cross direction < 0,2 mm
Specifications of longitudinal foil stamping unit  
Foil advancing shaft 2 (3rd is optional)
Max capacity foil diameter 200 mm (shaft 2)
  240 mm (shaft 1 and 3)
Foil core diameter 1" or 3"
Max foil and stamping size 730 x 1020 mm
Register tolerance in running and cross direction <0,2 mm
minimum foil width 20 mm
Max foil stamping speed with minimum foil wirth 20 mm
Foil pull length < 200mm 7000 sheets/h
Foil pull length <600mm 5000 sheets/h
Max mechanical speed 7500 cycles/h
Number of heated zones 12
Temperature range 0-160 C
Power for heating 24 kW
Specifications of Cross Foil Stamping (OPTION)  
Max foil width 600 mm
Min foil width 25 mm
Max stamping area 1020 x 600 mm
Max foil reel diameter 200 mm
Max foil pull length 1020 mm




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Brausse is manufactured at Shanghai Eterna Machinery, which is a 100% member of the Bobst Group


Brausse Europe BV
Weerdskampweg 15
5222 BA 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

+31 73 62 777 11
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